The Smart Way To Help The Poor - We Empower illiterate Rural Women

Empowering illiterate rural women is the key to eradicate poverty and hunger in developing countries.

They will invest their time and money in the future of their children and communities. But how can you efficiently provide vital knowledge to remote areas that have no electricity? We are tackling this challenge using solar-powered MP3 Players.

Our rugged players contain more than 400 relevant questions and answers about health, nutrition, family planning, child care, income generating activities and more. More than 10.000 volunteers worldwide are currently working to translate the contents into more than 100 languages.

We have successfully started using the MP3 players in Africa, but this is just the beginning. Please support us by spreading the word - everybody should know about the smart way to end poverty.

Our Solution

Empower Rural Women with Solar Powered MP3 player