The key to empower women anytime, anywhere

Empowered rural women are major catalysts for development, as they re-invest their money in their children’s health, nutrition, and education. But they also happen to be very vulnerable.

Heavy workloads combined with frequent pregnancies and other effects of chronic poverty have a major impact on their health and nutritional status. We simply cannot afford to turn our backs on those women. They are shaping the world of tomorrow. They deserve our support.

Our goal is to provide health education and life skills training to literally every rural woman in the world. No matter where she lives, what language she speaks or whether she can read or not.

We are achieving this thanks to the collaboration of thousands of volunteer translators. And by using solar-powered audio-players that speak to illiterate women. Even in remote areas without access to electricity.

This is how we do it

URIDU Solar Player

This project can change the lives of millions.

Whether it will, depends on you.

Please, tell people about it. And contribute, if you can.