Ignorance Kills a Child Every 6 Seconds

The Problem

Every 6 Seconds a child under 5 dies. Most of these deaths are entirely preventable. We could save millions of lives by providing illiterate mothers with accessible health education.

But how can you efficiently achieve this goal in rural areas without electricity? Our answer is: with a rugged, solar powered MP3 player. This is why we developed the MP3forLife Player.

Every player contains hundreds of simple, but relevant questions and answers about health, nutrition, family planning, child care and more.

For the first time ever we are able to provide health education and life skills to literally every rural woman in the world. No matter where she lives, what language she speaks or whether she can read or not. We can help the poor to help themselves.

The Solution

URIDU Solar Player

Now that you know, what will you do about it?

This project can change the lives of millions. Whether it will, depends on you.