Top 25 Uridupedia requests from the Philippines

Our mobile-friendly website URIDU.COM is still young, but it is already showing some nice results. We made a little case study by evaluating 6000 visits from the Philippines to the Filipino/Tagalog version of our Uridupedia during June 2017. 

MP3 Is Not Dead - It Is Saving Lives In Africa

22 years ago, a German technology revolutionized a whole industry. MP3 changed the way we all listen to music forever. Today it seems as if its days are over as it has largely been replaced by other audio formats. Is MP3 dead? Far from it! 

URIDU in the Press

We had quite a week with international media following up on our press release. Wow! We've seen news outlets picking it up and translating it into Chinese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese. We are thankful and deeply impressed by the interest in our project!

Welcome to our new Office

We finally managed it - we moved into our new office! Now we are located in a little town in Germany: Annweiler-Gräfenhausen. Never heard of it before? Don’t worry, it is a really small town - about 580 inhabitants only - in the south-western part of Germany. The town is located in a small valley, overlooked by the old castle of Trifels. So yes, it is a little town, but rich in history - and so is our new office.

Project Uganda - Let's build a future for Ugandan Children

2 million children in Uganda are chronically malnourished. 150.000 children in Uganda are suffering from AIDS. There is an effective way to help those children, simply by providing health education to their mothers. However, most rural women can't read or write - that's why we are using solar-powered MP3 Players that speak to them.

We are 10.000 Volunteer Translators!

Yay! We have reached the number of 10.000 volunteer translators! Thanks to everybody who is participating in the translation of our Uridupedia contents. Soon the translation for Russian and Chinese will be finished - and many more languages will follow.

URIDU is an official Free Basics Content Partner

We are happy to announce that we have been chosen as an official content provider to the Free Basics platform. Free Basics by Facebook is an app and mobile website that provides access to free basic internet services in markets where internet access may be less affordable.

Bringing Health Education to 3840 rural women in Tanzania

Our project in Tanzania is developing very nicely. Our local partner New Dawn Development is proceeding with the distribution of 500 MP3forLife Players to almost 4000 rural women. We are receiving very positive feedback from women and government officials.

830 women die every day because of pregnancy-related problems

The Millennium Development Goal 5 of reducing maternal mortality worldwide by 75 % between 1990 and 2015, unfortunately, could not be reached. Although progress has been made, in 2015 about 303.000 women worldwide died from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. This means 830 women died every day.

Bringing URIDU to Tanzania

From September 3rd to September 9th, 2016, we visited Dar es Salaam to launch our URIDU pilot project in Tanzania.

Our partner organization New Dawn Development - managed by Ms. Jackline Mashauri - had prepared a kick-off event on September 4th to introduce the project to all local stakeholders.