Give Hope to a Vulnerable Mother

Hope comes in different forms. For an illiterate woman in Africa it might come in the shape of a blue audiobook. The solar-powered device provides her with access to life-saving and life-changing health education.

Facing her enormous day-to-day challenges is a losing game for her. We can give her hope by empowering her through knowledge. 

Give the gift of life-saving health education to illiterate mothers in rural Africa. For just US$ 19 you can provide a group of 10 women with a solar-powered Health Audiobook.

It's really that simple. You can make a difference in their lives. Right here, right now.

Who's donating

Who's donating: from Hoboken, NJ donated an MP3forLife Player. Thank you!

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Donate a solar audiobook for $19.00


Donations to URIDU are tax deductible across the European Union. Our German Tax ID is 24/666/01488.
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