Have you ever wondered why there is so little innovation when it comes to helping the poor? We have smart cities, smart homes, smart cars and smart phones - yet we don't seem to have a smart way to end poverty.

That's where we come in.

URIDU uses smart ideas to educate and empower rural women in developing countries. Because they are the key to eradicate poverty and hunger. And we do that with innovative technologies like solar-powered MP3 players, mobile-friendly websites without data charges and large-scale crowd translation projects.

Take, for example, our solar-powered MP3 players. Each player costs 10 dollar and teaches ten illiterate women about health, family planning and income generation. That’s just one dollar to change the fate of a whole family - forever. Not bad at all.

So here’s where you come in.

We think you are smart and a do-gooder. Why else would you have bothered reading this far? We need people like you to help us spread the message and support our cause.

Together we can help smarter.

Cool Stuff We Do

Empower Rural Women with Solar Powered MP3 player