Introducing Uridupedia Handouts

We keep getting feedback about people using our contents in many creative ways. This is something which we definitely encourage - and that's why we came up with our latest idea: Uridupedia Handouts.

There are countless areas of application for our Uridupedia contents. Think about a medical doctor in Guatemala who wants to give some advice to a young mother about child nutrition. Or imagine a teacher in Tanzania who would like to provide her students with information about menstrual hygiene. Both can do this by accessing this information in their local language on our mobile-friendly site URIDU.COM

In order to make it easier to distribute this information "offline" as printed documents or files we added some useful functionality to our page. Every single question now features a "Download PDF" button which enables you to do just that: download a PDF of the content you are viewing. This PDF document can be easily printed or shared by eMail. 

We believe that this is a great way to share this vital knowledge with even more people. And we would love to hear from you how you are using it. Feel free to send us an eMail - or post it on our Facebook page!

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