Proofreading Instructions

Once you joined the URIDU Translation project, you can proofread by following these steps:

1. Select the language for which you want to contribute proofread (below the language you can see the progress of the translation).

Proofreading Step 1

2. You will now see a list with all topics. The blue bar shows the translation progress, the green bar the approving progress (can only be done by proof readers). Choose a topic which is not 100% green (=proofread).

proofreading step 2

3. Once a topic is selected you should switch to the proofreading view by selecting it from the "View" menu item (see screenshot below).

You will see the English text on the left and the translated text on the right. You can close the right pane (Suggestion, Comments etc.) for a cleaner user interface. Now you can proofread the translated text and make any corrections, if necessary. If you make a correction, a "Save" button will apear. Click it to save the corrections. Click on the check mark on the right once a text block is correct. This will approve the corresponding text block. You can move to the next block.

If you see a term with a dotted line in the English source text, you can hover of it to get a definition.

proofreading step 3

Thank you for helping to build the leading resource of vital information for rural women in developing countries.