Project Uganda - Let's build a future for Ugandan Children

2 million children in Uganda are chronically malnourished. 150.000 children in Uganda are suffering from AIDS. There is an effective way to help those children, simply by providing health education to their mothers. However, most rural women can't read or write - that's why we are using solar-powered MP3 Players that speak to them.

We are working together with organizations located in Kyamulibwa, South Uganda, to provide 500 solar-powered MP3 Players to groups of rural women. More than 4.000 women will benefit from this initial program. They will receive information about health, nutrition, child care, family planning, income generating activities and much more. All recorded in their local language Luganda.

Please support our Project in South Uganda

With just US$ 10 you can sponsor one solar-powered MP3 Player. Each player will be used in a group of up to 10 women. The project will continously be supervised and supported by local community workers. They will ensure the best use of the devices in the field - including the update of contents in the future. Your contribution will help to support not only those women, but also their children and their communities. Thank you for your support!

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