Health Literacy for Illiterate Women

Every 6 seconds a child under 5 dies. Most of these deaths are entirely preventable. We could save millions of lives by providing illiterate mothers in developing countries with accessible health education.

But how can you efficiently provide vital information to rural areas that have no electricity but a high rate of illiteracy? Our answer is: with an audiobook in the mother language of those women. And with accessible technology like solar-powered MP3 players and mobile phones.

Our solar audiobook contains more than 400 relevant questions and answers about health, nutrition, family planning, child care and more. This equals 12 hours of spoken text. All contents have been developed by experts and most of them have been used in humanitarian work for more than 30 years.

For the first time ever we are able to provide health information to literally every rural woman in the world. No matter where she lives, what language she speaks or whether she can read or not - we can help her and her family to live a healthier and happier life.

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The World's Most Vital Audiobook

Lifesaving Skills and Knowledge

Women in developing countries are without any doubt the key to a better future. They are the ones who bring up the next generation. They usually re-invest their money in their children‘s health, nutrition and education. And they deserve our help to raise their children in a stable, healthy environment.

Without having access to even the simplest basic knowledge, facing their enormous day-to-day challenges is a losing game for illiterate rural women. We can change that by simply providing them with vital information in an accessible way.