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We are reinventing
community outreach

URIDU develops technological solutions
to help NGOs bring vital knowledge
to marginalized populations. 

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Discover Audiopedia

Health and nutrition education programmes tend to engage women, because of their perceived traditional roles as primary care givers. Yet, 500 million women worldwide are illiterate. There is a strong need for a robust and scalable approach which does not rely on the written word to provide knowledge to marginalized populations. Audiopedia is tackling this challenge.

Audiopedia is a global online project combining relevant and localized SBCC audio contents with easily usable hard- and software. The web site was designed to provide access to open knowledge to both CBOs/NGOs and individuals. CBOs/NGOs can benefit by using it as part of their SBCC strategy, as it enables them to search, download, embed and share audio files in several languages.

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Audiopedia Academy

Audiopedia Academy is a free resource to help NGOs and CBOs understand how to leverage digital audio for their community outreach. Get free access to how-tos, checklists, training, guidance, case studies and best practices, both online and offline. 

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URIDU - Accessible Knowledge for Marginalized Women
We are reinventing community outreach
URIDU - Accessible Knowledge for Marginalized Women