#SD4Africa - Your old SD card, born again to empower illiterate rural women

If you've been through a couple of smartphones by now, you probably have a few micro SD cards lying around that you don't know what to do with. Well, here's an idea: how about using them to empower illiterate rural women in Africa? 

Wait, what? This deserves some explanation. We are a German NGO that empowers illiterate rural women in Africa (and elsewhere) using audio contents about health, family planning and income generation. More than 10.000 volunteers help us translate those contents before we have them recorded by a native speaker. Once recorded distribute this knowledge using our solar-powered MP3-Players.

Every month ten thousands of solar-powered MP3-capable devices are sold in East Africa alone. We partner with local distributors of those devices to add a free micro SD card with our contents to their products. And this free SD card could be the one that is lying around somewhere in your drawer.

Here is how it works

This is how your old SD card can support illiterate rural women in Africa

What you need to do

  1. Any micro SD with a minimum capacity of 128 MB will do. (Yes, that's MB, not GB! So almost any card will fit.)
  2. Check the card for files you might want to keep and back them up.
  3. Erase the micro SD card (this is optional: we will overwrite it anyway).
  4. Send it in a stamped envelope to the following address (maybe with a note including your email address if you want us to keep in touch with you):
Send your micro SD cards to:
Hahnenbachstr. 21
76855 Annweiler am Trifels

That's about it! We will take care of the rest!

No card? Just donate!

Your donation will help us to buy adequate micro SD cards and distribute them in East Africa.

Maasai women with solar-powered radio in Tanzania.Maasai women with solar-powered MP3 radio in Tanzania. Photo: R. Ambrose

Help more with a SD4Africa Box!

Here's an idea: how about collecting old SD cards at your office, your school or your shop? We made it easy for you by providing a PDF document that you can print and glue on a cardboard box. Piece of cake!

And don't forget to to post a picture of your SD4Africa Box on your favorite social networks tagged with #SD4Africa! We will be pleased to share it!

Help more with a SD4Africa BoxThis is how your SD4Africa Box could look like