The URIDU Manifesto

Health and dignity for the world's most vulnerable women

Rural women are the poorest of the poor, the least literate, the most exploited, and the most marginalized of all social groups in developing countries.

They often remain invisible and unheard and this is worsening their position.

The lack of health care and other social services makes rural women and their children especially vulnerable to health problems.

We believe that every woman has the right to live a healthy and dignified life.

She has the right to live free of fear, coercion, violence and discrimination. 

She has the right to health, including sexual and reproductive health.

She has the right to education and to vote.

She has the right to own land or property.

She has the right to decide who or when to marry.

We are uniting. Standing together with her will move us closer to a world where rural women and girls can live free from fear, violence and discrimination and reach their full potential.

10,000 signatures are our next goal!

Will you sign?